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White Dance Floor / Starlite Dance Floor / LED Dance Floors

ILLUSION DJs provide various options rather than having a traditional dance floors. We have the following options available to bring more excitement to your party. Our luxury and elegant dance floors will help bring out the decor and help you create a festive enviroment. 


We provide the following options:


  • White Dance Floors

  • Startlite Dance Floors

  • LED Dance Stage

  • LED Dance floors

  • Bridal Aisle Runner / Ramps


We have wide range of options available to choose from. Starting from as small as 10ft x 10ft (good for up to 60 guests approx.) to as big as 40 ft x 40 ft (good for up to 1600 guests approx.). If your venue has enough room available, we can also create a diamond shape dance floor as well. Sizes are based on number of guests attending as well as venue layout so please contact us for a free consultation to find out what is the best option for your event. 

We provide customized Bridal Aisle Runner / Ramps made with white/starlite and/or LED dance floors to help you achieve the ultimate bridal procession experience. We can even help you create a personalized logos and help customized your entrance look.


Unlike other companies, our dance floors are made with high quality material that provide a true shine and are scratch resistance. Our team can work out the details of setup with the venue so that you don't have to worry about the technical details. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation today.


White Dance Floor 3
Starlite 4
Starlite 1
starlite 3
LED Dance Stage Setup
Starlite 2
starlite 5
LED Dance Stage Setup
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