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Event Lighting & Production

LED Up Lighting
Intelligent Lighting Moving Heads
Customized Monogram Name Lighting
LED Up-Lighting


ILLUSION DJs has an extensive collection of various wireless & wired LED Up Lighting fixtures so there is no limitation when it comes to what we are capable of setting up. Our engineers and designers have created different programs based on the latest technology available in the lighting industry to bring you unlimited possibilities when it comes to color combination to match and compliment your theme colors for a specific event. We will work with you one on one bases to go over each and every setup options so you can choose the best option that enhance the look of your venue and décor.


We use LED light fixtures to illuminate surrounding walls & columns, stage décor & backdrops, tables, DJ booth, fabric covered trusses, cocktail tables and much more. We can setup the lights to alternating colors to complement your theme, slow fades, strobe and rainbow effects or just simple color of your choice. Our technicians use sophisticated software and hardware to maintain control of all LED units remotely to alter looks of the entire venue as well as create various looks as desired throughout the night in an instant.


Unlike others, we provide reasonable and affordable pricing for the latest technology available in the market to bring you more options to be creative, unique and trendy. Our latest wireless technology allows us to have quick, neat and effective setup improving the look and feel for the entire event like you never imagined before. We can even setup lights in places where it was not possible before due to lengthy labor work, physical constrains and tripping hazards of messy cables.


All of our LED Lighting Packages include on site setup, programming and monitoring by a dedicated technician.


Feel free to contact us to get a free quote for your event.


Intelligent Lighting (Moving Heads)


Our Lighting programmer (Light jockey) and in-house designers have worked together to produce extraordinary effects to provide you impressive introductions, elegant first dance lighting, breath-taking effects during walk-ins and various dance scenes to bring theatrical experience to your own event.


Our extensive collection of intelligent lighting comes with multiple setup options. We provide metal truss covered with white fabric for places that have high ceilings for a better lighting projection. We also light up the white fabric using LED Up lighting to match your décor or color theme for event. We also provide these lights setup w/ LED lit up High Boyz for venues that have low ceiling and/or clients who are looking for much more elegant setup.


We always include a Light Jockey w/ our intelligent lighting package to provide unique setup for each venue. We design different light shows based on the actual event agenda to be more effective and maximize usage.


Feel free to contact us to get more information.


Spot Light
Spot Lighting


Spot lighting is very crucial if you are looking to make grand entrance, showcase your expensive cake and much more. 


We have wide range of applications where Spot lighting can add more value to your event. Feel free to contact us to get more information.


Customized Monogram (Patterned Lighting)


We have the ability to create our own designs instead of forcing you to choose standard patterns available in the market and best of all that we will not charge you anything extra. We are able to provide this simply because we have our own in-house designer who will work with you directly to create impressive monogram to meet your personal needs.


We have helped many of our clients design monograms and various patterns effects to provide unique and impressive lighting setup to fulfil their dreams. If you are working with a specific event theme, our in-house designer will provide you options to bring your vision to reality.


Feel free to contact us to get more information.


Laser Light Show
Laser Light
Laser Light Show


We have variety of laser lights in our database and are able to help you enhance your entrances, dance floors or just an overall look and feel to your event. We have tri-beam lasers, concept lasers and much more to surely impress you and your guests.


Feel free to contact us to get more information.


Live Feedback for Wedding Ceremony
Royal Albert Setup 2
Prakash s 40th Celebration-Prakash 40th FB-0305
Prakash s 40th Celebration-Prakash 40th FB-0320
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Laser Show 2
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