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Visual Services

We offer following visual services for all types of occasion. Our staff can help you pick the best suitable option to address your needs based on the audience size, video source, venue setting, or presentation type. Feel free to contact us to get a free quote for your event.


  • Big HD Projector & Screens

  • Big HD / LED TV Screens

  • LED Screen Display

  • LED Curtain

  • Live Feedbacks during events

  • Live (real time) Photo Shares w/ customized slideshow

  • Video Dancing


We have variety of options when it comes to sharing videos and/or images weather it is for small or large audience. We will customize our visual services to work effectively with simple/complicated layout of your venue. We also have broadcasting visual service where important guests who are not able to attend due to outstanding circumstances can still enjoy the event no matter where they are located in the world.


Please contact us to find out what services would be ideal for your event and how we can help you achieve your vision. Please contact us today for a free consultation for your event.

Live Feedback for Wedding Ceremony
HD TV w/ Live Feedback
HD TVs + Screen Projectors w_ Live Feedback
Dual LED Screen Display for Presentations
Screen & Projector Setup
Big Screen & Projector w_ Skirt
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