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Wedding & Reception

“The Wedding Day” is a very special and unique experience for every bride & groom. Therefore ILLUSION DJs will work along with you every step of the way to customize our services that bring you the unique experience as you desired. We will also provide professional input to help you plan and execute your event so that you and your family can enjoy the day rather than running around.
Please read below for more details on our specialized services for your big day.


Groom’s Procession/Barat


The start of the big day begins with the arrival of the groom with friends and family. Well, we provide a Mobile Party Van fully equipped with a full ranged DJ system that leads the Groom’s procession to the wedding hall. Mobile Party Van provides popular wedding songs for the Groom’s friends and family as well as the Groom to dance to. We usually start the Barat in the parking lot or nearby street and finish off at the venue entrance.


We also provide a Stationary Barat Setup which provides the same services as the Mobile Party Van. The only difference there is that Stationary Barat Setup will be located near the venue entrance and provide music at the entrance only.


We also provide a Traditional Dhol Player to provide an extra boost to your barat. The Dhol Player can also be used in conjunction of the Mobile Party Van for the ultimate barat experience. Our Dhol Player will also provide music for the Bride & Groom entrance into the Wedding Mandap.


Barat usually last from 15 – 60 minutes. Barat services are recommended if you are looking to entertain your guests in a traditional way from the very beginning of the day.


Wedding Ceremony


Our ceremonial setup contains self-amplified sets of speakers for a clear crystal sound and clip on or wireless microphone w/ stand for the priest to explain ceremonial rituals to the guests. We provide a special ceremonial music that accommodates the rituals of the wedding ceremony. After consulting with the Bride & Groom, we customize songs for both of their entrances and Vidai (also known as Bidai; Bride’s farewell) as well. We have a unique collection of traditional wedding shehnai music to create a festive atmosphere. We also provide regional wedding songs such as Gujrati Lagna Geet, and Mangal Fera (Going Around the Fire) songs.


Cocktail Hour


We provide a compact and neat setup for the Cocktail Hour. It provides soothing background music for your guests to enjoy while socializing. The music is never too loud and is simply there to set the mood. We usually play soft instrumentals, classical or Jazz music. We can also customize the playlist to play your favorite slow jams.

We also provide Big Screen HD Projectors or Plasma/LCD screens for the cocktail hour so that you can entertain your guest by showing picture montage from pre-wedding celebrations, barat & even wedding ceremony itself. This option is highly recommended if you are going to have many guests who were not able to attend all the prior events.

We highly recommend getting a Lounge Furniture for your cocktail hour setup to provide a sophisticated touch to your evening. We provide many options such as couches, ottomans, acrylic furniture, customized bars and etc. This is highly recommended if you are going to have a trendy and multicultural crowd for your event.




We take pride and honor to bring you an unforgettable and joyous night by providing excellent entertainment services for the biggest celebration of your life. At ILLUSION DJS, we pay attention to the finest details of the event to bring you an ultimate experience.


We work very closely with the Bride & Groom to create a detailed time based event schedule to ensure that the time is being used efficiently. We setup a meeting at least two (2) weeks prior to the event to sit down and discuss all the details for the event schedule such as order of introduction including song selection and name pronunciation; performance & speech details, first dance and cake cutting song selection, father daughter & mother son dance; seating and dinner arrangements; and even the last song of the night. We organize these details in our effective event format for your review at least one (1) week prior to the event. During the event, we make certain that the finalized scheduled is being followed as you desired. Nothing is perfect and especially when you are working with South Asian crowd, therefore the detailed schedule and our experience allows us to troubleshoot problems to stay on the schedule and keep the event flow smoothly.


Our crew consisted of Disc Jockey (DJ) and Master of Ceremony (MC) is well trained and gifted in the art of entertainment. At the day of the event, we come early as required to setup all the equipments prior to the start of the event to ensure the neat well-designed setup.


Please contact us to provide you a package describing all the services offered for the reception night.


Please browse through our testimonial section to see what our previous wedding clients have to say about us.


***We do not book more than two (2) events per day therefore please contact us ASAP to see our availabilities and pricing for your special day.***

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