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We came across (especially nowadays) many brides and grooms who are marrying a partner who belongs to different culture, up-bringing and faith compare to their own family. And it is difficult for bride and groom to decide whether to have a traditional celebrations or not since it is challenging to find a balance in between. ILLUSION DJs believes that Music plays a very important role in representing these various culture and faith. And we can help you blend different styles of music that will highlight your family tradition as well as your fiancé’s.


We always work with bride & groom and their families to create a unique collection of songs to highlight the events true nature rather than turning it into just a party. If you are looking to jump start your event with excitement and specialized music catering to your event theme, please feel free to contact usto discuss your event details.

We specialize in providing traditional music to set the mood for the pre-wedding celebrations such as Mehndi Night, Sangeet Night & Garba Night.


  • Mehndi Night Celebrations (Henna Ceremony)

  • Sangeet Night Celebrations (Musical Night)

  • Garba Night Celebrations


Mehndi Night Celebrations (Henna Ceremony):

Mehndi night is consisting of different traditional rituals that take place before the actual wedding ceremony. We have created a unique collection of Mehndi songs to enhance the traditional Mehndi experience. We also provide a unique dance floor music containing Mehndi songs to dance to for the bride & her family.


Sangeet Night Celebrations (Musical Night):

Sangeet night is very similar to Mehndi night but more of a musical night than traditional. Therefore we provide a unique collection of pre-wedding songs to get everyone in the celebration mood for the Big Day. We also work closely with you and your family to create different musical games to entertain the crowd.


Garba Night Celebrations:

Garba is a Gujarati Folk dance for celebrating the wedding occasion. We provide wide range of music from 2 Taali Garba to Rass-dandia to Sanedo for your enjoyment. We specialize in famous traditional Garba songs as well as Bollywood Garba beats. We also provide Dandias (Rass-Garba Sticks) for your guests.


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***We do not book more than two (2) events per day therefore please contact us immediately to see our availabilities and pricing for your special day.**

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

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